Tips on Fertilization When Performing Lawn Care Service

Confused of All the Different Kinds of Fertilizers on the Market?

Tips on Fertilization When Performing Lawn Care


Lawn care service tips on fertilization will vary depending on the grass and climate. Like most plants, grass needs nourishment too, and the nutrients found in fertilizer will permit it to flourish. Most professionals advise fertilizing a lawn a minimum of 3 times a year, although some suggest the best lawns are fertilized up to 6 times a year.


Installing fertilizer, however, is not sufficient to having a healthy lawn. Some tips involve what to do once fertilizers are laid. For example, never fertilize during droughts. For them to work, it first must undergo numerous heavy waterings, or it will simply dry out and stop nourishment from getting to the plants. Think about speaking to a professional to receive more tips regarding the proper fertilization for your area and the kind of grass you have.


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