Tips on Fertilization When Performing Lawn Care Service

Confused of All the Different Kinds of Fertilizers on the Market?

Tips on Fertilization When Performing Lawn Care


Lawn care service tips on fertilization will vary depending on the grass and climate. Like most plants, grass needs nourishment too, and the nutrients found in fertilizer will permit it to flourish. Most professionals advise fertilizing a lawn a minimum of 3 times a year, although some suggest the best lawns are fertilized up to 6 times a year.


Installing fertilizer, however, is not sufficient to having a healthy lawn. Some tips involve what to do once fertilizers are laid. For example, never fertilize during droughts. For them to work, it first must undergo numerous heavy waterings, or it will simply dry out and stop nourishment from getting to the plants. Think about speaking to a professional to receive more tips regarding the proper fertilization for your area and the kind of grass you have.


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Can’t Find Quality Landscaping Services?

A Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Quality Lawn Care Service Provider in Your Area.

If your home has a yard but you don’t have the time to maintain it, then hiring an affordable and reliable landscaping company should be of great importance to you. Most people dream of living in a big house with a yard, but very few of them want to deal with the nuisance of maintaining it. Mostly because, it’s a never ending chore that takes a lot of time and efforts. That’s why we decided to help you choose a trustworthy lawn care service:

  • First and foremost, they need to be a local company, so you don’t get charged extra for transport and logistics.
  • If you’re looking for local companies, do a quick online search for lawn care service providers in the area or ask your close ones for recommendations. These are perhaps the most reliable methods for avoiding incompetent contractors and scam artists.
  • If you use both ways for finding suitable candidates, you will most likely end up with a long list of companies. Take a look at the better-looking ones and make a list of the contractors that you like.
  • Once you have the list, it’s time to find out the answers of more than a couple of questions. Give them a call, or simply inspect their company’s website for professional information. You need to know the following:
    • Are they properly licensed and insured against any potential property damage? Do they perform the services you want or need? Do they specialize in any specific type of service that is better than that of the competition? Are they properly trained? How long have they been in business, and do they have any previous experience in this field of action?
    • All of these questions reflect the quality of the services you expect to receive. However, you can’t be really sure if they are that good unless someone recommends them to you. In that case, you have a winner. Otherwise, we suggest you ask for references and check some of them out. If they’ve done a good job it will be self-evident.
    • Lastly, you need to ask for references and go with the company that offers the best price-to-quality ratio.

If you can’t seem to find such a company on the territory of Corpus Christi, TX, or any of the surrounding areas, then maybe you haven’t tried our services. The Landscape CO. is a reputable lawn care service provider with plenty of experience on the job. Reach us for an appointment at: (361) 813-3386!

Is Your Lawn in Danger? How Do You Know?

The Top 5 of the Most Notorious Lawn Threats, According to a Lawn Care Service.

Taking care of your very own lawn can be exciting, especially if you are new to it. If you ask the people close to you, you will probably get a lot of ideas on what you should do, and how to take good care of your lawn. We are going to tell you what you shouldn’t do, and what happens if you choose to ignore our advice.

So, what are the five most dangerous threats for your garden?

  1. First, but not foremost, the weed problem. If you don’t have a lawn service taking care of your yard, at some point it is going to get infested. When it does, you should immediately start looking for a lawn care service. If the infestation is still small, our advice is to get down on all fours and rip the weeds out along with their roots. That way they won’t be able to multiply so fast.
  2. Bad irrigation is also a threat because excess moisture can make your turf swampy and that poses a severe threat to the entire lawn. It creates perfect conditions for growing weeds, developing mold and breeding diseases. This can infect and kill many plants in your yard, including any trees that you may have.
  3. Not enough water. The opposite is also a threat. Forgetting to water your lawn, for longer periods of time will cost you. It weakens the turf and withers the grass, making it vulnerable to diseases, and infestations.
  4. Pest infestations can be very annoying. They don’t usually target the lawn, but there are many types of vermin that can cause severe damage. In that case, you should check if your lawn care service deals with pest infestations. Otherwise you are going to have to look for an exterminator.
  5. Lastly, the biggest threat for your lawn, is your own negligence. If you don’t know how, and when to water it, or how to care for it, we advise you to hire a lawn service and let them handle it.

If that sounds reasonable enough to make you look for a landscaper, don’t look any further! The Landscape CO. is the lawn care service for you. We are located in Corpus Christi, TX, but we serve the surrounding areas as well, so give us a call! You won’t regret it!

How Can a Professional Landscaper Help You?

For many commercial property owners, hiring a professional landscaper to keep their outdoor spaces  in excellent shape makes a lot of sense. Sure, landscape and lawn care services do cost money. But the expertise and convenience a landscape maintenance company provides are well worth the cost.

Everybody loves having a green and lush lawn, along with a weed-free lot full of pretty flowers and blooming plants. But for most property owners, attaining that look is a real pain. Many simply cannot afford the time to put into regular garden and yard maintenance work. Others simply lack the green thumb needed to make their plants thrive.

That is where a professional landscape contractor can help. Typically, a landscape maintenance service takes care of the lawn and all gardens, trees, fountains and patios that are present in your property. If it is about a yard, there’s a good chance a landscaping company can build it, rake it, mow it, as well as help it grow.

The advantages of hiring a landscaper are numerous. Below are listed just a few of them:

  • A landscape and lawn care service manages the yard chores you either don’t have the time to complete on your own or simply don’t want to. When you have someone to take care of your landscaping you can have peace of mind, knowing you will come home to a mowed lawn and well-maintained gardens.
  • A professional company employs only industry experts. They have the expertise not only to weed and mow your lawn, but also to make sure your plants are healthy. An experienced landscaper can create a sustainable landscape that not only enhances the beauty of your business facility but is friendly to the surrounding environment.
  • Many companies provide services that go way beyond taking care of gardens and mowing grass. Landscape maintenance service providers often build decks, patios, as well as retaining walls, install irrigation systems and trim trees.
  • And if you just bought your property, a landscaping contractor can help you design the exterior space of your dreams.

If your commercial property is located in Corpus Christi, TX and you need professional assistance with your landscape, be sure to consult The Landscape CO.